Fortnite, Twitch, LoL: Online video game usage have exploded with coronavirus pandemic

League of Legends lol

Forced or encouraged to stay at home, users heat the servers of online gaming services. Both in the world and in Italy, their uses are experiencing a real boom.

The online video game winner of the Covid-19 pandemic. While authorities around the world decide to contain populations or recommend moving as little as possible, the traffic in certain services explodes. This is particularly the case for Twitch and Fortnite game.

The global audience on Twitch indeed almost doubled during this month of March, with an average simultaneous audience of 2.2 million people. According to eSports Charts, it was only 1.18 million spectators in February and March 2018. The most famous games are League of Legends, Fortnite and GTA V. 28,464,690 hours were viewed just for League of Legends.

What about SVOD services?

Bloomberg explains for its part that Telecom Italia has seen a 70% increase in its traffic, said its boss Luigi Gutibosi this Wednesday March 11 during a teleconference with financial analysts; with him, “a large contribution from online games like Fortnite.”

Many observers imagine that SVOD services like Netflix or Prime Video are also experiencing peak usage during this period. However, none of them have communicated on this phenomenon as of yet. Difficult indeed for a brand to rejoice when the number of victims of the coronavirus continues to increase.


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